Зайка Ми

Zaika MI

Whether you’re a grown up or a child, you can‘t help falling in love with the charming little bunny Zaika Mi. But he’s not just cute - Zaika Mi has real fashion sense, and his wardrobe is his art. No wonder he makes a hobby of dressing up, changing his look, and inventing a new image. It’s not easy to look stunning every day!

Like a world traveler, Zaika Mi is always interested in something new, always searching for a unique style. Zaika’s fashion statements range from intriguing to romantic, yet his appearance is always immaculate and refined. Zaika Mi will appeal to all true fashion lovers who enjoy following current trends and surrounding themselves with the most beautiful things.

The variety of Zaika’s clothes and original accessories will never fail to please. It will even inspire the creative side of anyone who can’t imagine her life without style and fresh ideas. This plush animal will make a perfect model and helper as you assemble your own dream wardrobe. Once you’ve touched sweet little Zaika Mi, you won’t let him go – he’s always so helpful with fashion!­­­­­­­­

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