Zaika Mi contests

Attention! Contest!

HandMade for Zaika MI

We are happy to invite you to participate in a Hand Made project of BudiBasa! This opens up new possibilities, giving a chance to prove yourself as a fashion designer, designer, artist, jack of all trades! And most importantly, you can participate in the creation and development of a new collection of clothing and accessories for Zaika Mi.

About a project:
1. This is a competitive, creative marathon dedicated to your pet: Zaika Mi.
2. Contests will be held every month, with prizes and certificates awarded to 3 winners.
3. Members shall send photos of the works to
4. After receiving photographs from the participants, moderator puts them in the album "CONTEST".
5. There will be ‘Like’ button for group members to vote.
6. The winner is the participant with the biggest ‘Like’ score summed from BudiBasa groups in and Also, the author of the most 'Liked’ work may be awarded with the "Prize of the company" and take part in the creation of a new collection of clothes and accessories for Zaika Mi!

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